Terra & Co.

My "little black magic"

In 2015 as a new mom, I gradually changed my eating habits and became more conscious of personal and household products I use on daily bases. After a decade of working in the cosmetic and beauty industry, I became familiar with the harmful ingredients found in everyday used products. One of the most difficult products to find that is both both natural and contains whitening agents is toothpaste. My search for natural toothpaste led me to find out that more than 97% of the toothpastes purchased in the United States are made in China. I found some great all natural toothpastes but they did not have stain removing or whitening powers.

Then, I began to research the natural toothpaste that was used both in the Ancient World and by indigenous people around the world. The one common ingredient was activated charcoal.

In my own quest to find a natural whitening toothpaste, I created a toothpaste that used activated charcoal alongside coconut oil and tea tree oil. I was amazed by the results! In fact, I began using the toothpaste and other notices my brighter smile. My ‘little black magic’ worked well. I made first samples and passed it to my friends. Everyone seemed to enjoy using black toothpaste, especially kids.

Consulting with some of the top industry experts, I was on the mission to create toothpaste that whitens teeth, removes plaque build up, and combats bacteria, while promoting healthy gums and teeth. My ‘little black magic’ turned into Brilliant Black Toothpaste.

As a child of hard working immigrant parents who lost their factory jobs in 2008, I was inspired to create Terra and Co. and provide USA made products to help sustain American jobs. Today, I am a full time working mother, small business owner and on a mission to create more products for healthy conscious people.


Amra Hajdarevic